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out like a light_by slayground

I have just made two separate phone calls and spoken to six separate people at Telstra (our phone company) and still got nowhere. After being transferred to speak to yet another person, the recorded voice told me I'd be waiting over 5 minutes for the privilege, I'm sure, of being transferred again. Gave up and submitted a complaint online. I wonder if they'll call me. Alana and I bought a new phone for our house on the 6th - it's a cordless handset which comes with a headset. So I can do the dishes while Ma talks at me. (I hate telephones, and I hate holding the bastards while trying to fix your computer while your brother talks you through it.) Anway. First: headset won't work. We managed to register the headset with the base, but can't answer or make calls with it. Second: the handset buzzes so much that if we use it the people on the other end of the line think they're speaking to a sentient bee swarm. NOT MUCH BLOODY USE, REALLY! So we're currently back with the handset that won't charge properly. *huge, gusty sigh of annoyance*

Still. On the good side - I'm still on holidays. Went to Pizza Piazza for lunch yesterday with Suzette, and was given an entire menu of gluten free foods to order from. Ended up with the four-cheese pizza, just because most damn pizza places don't even offer a four-cheese pizza. WTF? Suze ordered Caesar salad with gluten free garlic bread, just so I could check out the garlic bread, too (yum!) After, we went off to the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) to see the Salvador Dali exhibit. Good ol' Sal shares a birthday with me and Suzette's mum. However, as we walked up to the entrance we notice the swarms of school kids, and veered off to check out the giftshop instead of the exhibit. We're going to go this Friday night to a free showing of the exhibit, and a $20 per head drink with the curator while we hear about Dali in Hollywood.

They have a great giftshop there - I bought myself a carry bag which looks like a giant cassette, because I'm so Gen-fucking-X it hurts *rolls eyes at self*. Also bought a trivet for Alana which is in the form of a white outline of a dead body (because she works on City Homicide).

Still failing in the quest for Pixies tickets, but we do have tix for Steve Malkmus & The Jicks for Wednesday next week (he's formerly of Pavement, who I adore). Then we have The Duke & The King at The East in October and The Buzzcocks at The Corner in November. There's life in the sad old cow yet. Moo.

I wish I had some good dark chocolate. Damn you, Telstra. I still feel frazzled.


yes telstra suck arse.

the Dali thing friday eve sounds interesting.

we watching movie at yours friday arvo ?
I just emailed you! Yeah, we'll put Friday on hold, as I'd have to leave early to get to the Dali thing and it wouldn't be worthwhile. Maybe we should do lunch again? With B this time? Then we can have the movie day next time I have an RDO.
thats what i get for reading lj before email ;p
okies. lunch or coffee would be cool instead

*poking nose in* Yes. :)
same bat place ?
Might as well.
oh and the pizza place went to on errol st have GF bases and they do a 3 cheese pizza you may like.
Mmmm, pizza. Mmmm, cheese :)
people on the other end of the line think they're speaking to a sentient bee swarm
LOL, what a lovely image.

I want to come and have nice food and go to galleries with you! *pine*

You should post a pic of the carry bag.

Also, OMG Pixies. Hope you get them in the end, I adore the Pixies.
*whines* I wish you could come, too! Damn tyranny of distance!

I took a pic of the bag and will post it later, just for you!

While I missed the presale tickets, the rest of the tickets go on sale tomorrow, so I'll try again. But I won't hold my breath.