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ice queen

When rainy days meet too-long trousers.

Wicking in action, people. From the ground all the way up to my knees. And down into my socks. And through my ankle brace. Honestly, you'd swear I'd been wading through a creek! All that just to deposit a cheque. Who uses cheques anymore??? I love EFT. Well, at least I did come back via K-Mart with the very embarrassing but incredibly useful object I'd decided I needed. Yes, I now possess one of those sun visors - like a cap, but with no hat bit, just the band and the brim. Should be ideal for walking directly eastwards every morning to the tram. Will fit in my bag nicely, and won't trap the heat in (no more heatstroke! Hurray!) Yes, I'll look incredibly dorky, but ... well. Same old, same old really.


Nice bag =)