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ice queen

Back to the grindstone.

Fairy floss clouds for the plane cake. Birthday boy & mum.
Fairy floss clouds for the plane cake.
Birthday boy & mum.

Holiday is over, and I'm back at work. Had a great week, though. On Friday I hung out at a riverside cafe with a_carnal_mink and andricongirl for four hours, chatting and enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Then I headed for the NGV to attend the members-only free entry to the Dali exhibit, and the talk from the curator on Dali's involvement with Hollywood. I seriously hope they get around to releasing Dali's collaboration with Walt Disney. Called Destino, it's a five minute animated piece of awesomeness. Also got to view Un Chien Andalou. Afterwards we headed back to Pizza Piazza, the Italian cafe which offers a full menu of gluten-free goodness. Gnocchi con Gorgonzola and yummmmy garlic bread FTW! Saturday we caught Young Victoria, which is worth it just for the costumes and set dec. Sunday was young Isaac's 2nd birthday - that's him above with his mum, Bree. Isaac is a big fan of planes (which his dad, Dan, blames on the cute wooden plane I gave him for his first birthday), so his auntie Karen made him a 2-shaped cake iced with blue (sky) and topped with fairy floss clouds and little toy planes. Finished off my holidays by getting quite drunkish with Alana while we made potstickers using rice paper sheets (the kind you use to make Vietnames rice paper rolls) - works AWESOMELY. Despite my slight seediness I feel really happy today, even though another week off would have been great. Holidays rock, y'all.


sounds like a nice Holiday. We had a Dali exibit here in town in December. I'm not crazy about his work, but it was still pretty cool.
Yeah, I'm not a huge fan, but his use of colour and his very obvious skill was impressive. And I really, really enjoyed the Disney collaboration.