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I'm too old for this

Gigs on a school night ... so not a good idea. The gig was good though - last night I went with Alana to see Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks at The Prince. I've loved Malky since I fell hard for Pavement in the early nineties. I saw Pavement live 3 times, but this was my first for The Jicks. I'd had about 8 hours sleep over the previous 2 nights combined, and was so exhausted during the gig I almost passed out 3 times, but we ended up slumped on couches out of view of the stage, but still able to hear. Unfortunately the vocals were a little buried, but still - Malky is such a dork, it was lots of fun. I've managed to somehow do something to my left wrist - must have been all that lifting of G&Ts. I'm feeling very old today. This morning I quickly checked out youtube and found the clip for Jo Jo's Jacket, the song about Yul Brynner from the first Jicks album. I hadn't seen it before. It's so adorable! What with the kittens with guitars, the fingers with animated faces and the little, baldy-headed Malkys! I strongly urge you to check it out:


I'm feeling very old today.
You're too lovely to ever be old. ;)
No old crankypants in my future, eh? ;)

You are too adorable to ever be old.