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green slide

I <3 weekends!

This has been my weekend for sleeping, trying to make up for the utter lack of same during the past week. It has involved sleeping in, and lolling about on the couch while watching DVDs - namely, Angel: The Series.

It turns out Alana had never seen more than a handful of episodes, and didn't know Christian Kane (from Leverage) as Lindsay at all. She had never seen the "evil hand" episode, people! So I finally got off my arse and bought the rest of the DVDs to make up the full series, and she's been working her way through since she's on holidays. Yesterday we watched the last half of Season 2, which consisted of Alana shouting things like, "WHY ISN'T HE GOING TO HELP THE COP? IS SHE GOING TO DIE?" and me yelling back, "I'M NOT TELLING YOU, SHUT UP AND WATCH!" TV watching is often quite surreal in my house. XD I was never in the BTVS or ATS fandoms - didn't know about fandom when they were airing originally. Having now been thoroughly made aware of slash goggles, watching Season 2 I can totally understand any Gunn/Wesley fic out there. Their bromance - it is so cute!!!

It's funny, too - I'd totally forgotten that Lorne wasn't called Lorne, but rather, "The Host" for quite some time. And it makes me sad all over again that he died.

Really enjoyed watching Disharmony again - I haven't seen any of these since they first aired, it's great rewatching and rediscovering. Alana was all, "OMG Harmony would TOTALLY buy into a vampire pyramid scheme!" and I was yelling, "This is why pyramid schemes never work! Once you've turned everyone, who the hell are ya going to eat???"

On a side note - how awesome is Lindsay's truck? It appears to be entirely made of rust! Also, the running jokes about Angel's "caveman brow" still make me giggle. And Angel's reaction to "not bursting into flames" in Lorne's dimension, as well as his obssession with his reflection in that dimension, too. Ahhh. Good times.

On an entirely unrelated note: I had my visit with the skin specialist on Friday to have this thing on my eyebrow checked out. He admitted he had no idea what it was, but that he felt it was probably harmless - that it was probably like a large freckle. He didn't want to take a biopsy because of where it is (scarring), but wants to monitor it, so I go back again in 4 months. While I'm very much in favour of the 'no unnecessary procedures' line, I'm less in favour of the $160 per visit charge. Thankfully I can claim some back through Medicare.

Today, we're off to the Napier Hotel to celebrate the births of sharplittlteeth and andricongirl. Hooray, birthdays! Now I'd better go wrap their presents.


Glad your freckle's okay, girlie....love how the doc's are always like 'come back in 3 months....' argh. Don't they know it costs money to come back?
I know! It's great to play 'wait and see' rather than choppy/snippy, but still! $160! Again!
We just finished watching the entire series. I adore Lorne so much, he's an absolute honey. And I loved how they developed Wesley's character, made him darker and more complex, made him make bad decisions out of lonliness and desperation. I didn't really like him at all in Buffy but in Angel they really make him so much more human, so you can see what he's doing is fucked up but at the same time you almost can't say you wouldn't make the same mistakes in his shoes, which really makes you (well me anyway) connect with and feel for the character. =)

Miss you and Alana both. Tell A that every time i see something horrible kitsch I think of her and her collection ;)
Lorne is darling, isn't he? And I agree about Wesley - I see his change as being like the difference between SG1 Rodney and SGA Rodney. The character serves a certain purpose in the initial characterisation, but needs to be evolve and be given more depth if he is made into a major character in the new series. And totally, I really felt for Wesley with the decisions he made, he is so very human. ♥

It would be so fun to have had you here, watching with us! Ahaha, her Wall of Shame - it hasn't grown for a while, I must prompt her!