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ice queen

Advice, pls!

I am thinking of entering this competition - the LabourStart Photo of the Year Contest. It is for photos of union workers in action in some manner. You can see other entries by clicking on that link. I'm thinking of entering one of these pics of my boss Veronica at one of our campaign launches. Recommendations?


I like this one best.
Thanks for the advice! That makes two for that one.
yeah that one , or the first one -mercy of balloons i like as well
I've also had a vote for the static one. Hmm. The 'mercy' one does show our logo and slogan ...

I was gonna vote for that Mercy one, too, for that very reason. :)
It's hard, because the other one, and the static one, are the better photos, but the mercy one has the logos... argh.
I like one, four, and five the best (starting from top left in the album) - those are great photos. She looks so happy!
Thanks! I already submitted number two. 1, 4 & 5 are better photos, but I felt that 2 was more fitting in terms of contest criteria. Maybe. I never know with these things!
Well like I said, they're all great, I'm glad you submitted one. It's such a fun, colorful contrast to a lot of the other submissions that it makes me happy to see it in the contest album.
I like balloon girl for the contest as it shows the logo but the close-up one is the nicer picture.
That was the big problem - some were better than others as photographs, but it was the less-good ones which suited the contest theme better. Frustrating! I ended up submitting this one.