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ice queen

fly porn

fly porn
Originally uploaded by rileyo

Sheesh. They were right there, out in the open! Shameless.

So. Which do you think is John, and which is Rodney? XD


Even though I haven't watched the show, I'm gonna go with that being Rodney in the rear. Do I win a prize? :D

And great pic, btw. Made me giggle, that did. :D
Heh. Well, it *does* make sense that the pilot has the more prominant wings! Ah, SGA fandom - surely the king of crack. This is the fandom wherein John and Rodney have been penguins, Girl Scout cookies, icecubes, a rainbow and a unicorn, a pea and tomato sauce, walls, pandas, turkeys, cats, cows, socks, and so on.

Your prize is watching the entire series, beginning to end!

Thanks, that was the aim! I really like their eyes, actually - if you click through to the bigger version.