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ice queen

Must Remember.

Clock goes forward an hour tonight.

DST starts a month earlier this year. I like daylight saving, but it does remind me that it is about to get uncomfortably hot very soon. :(


Thank-you for the reminder, comrade! :)
Heh. As you were typing that, I was resetting the clock on my mobile.
Wait really?

It's tonight? I don't think I like this change in events at all. My laptop and computer and phone will change on their own. That's really weird.

EDIT: Huh, we don't change ours until November 1st. They really just need to get rid of DST all together. It's sort of ridiculous. You know, Arizona doesn't even change there's? Like how do you have a whole country change and then have one state not? I think the whole thing is slightly ridiculous.

Edited at 2009-10-03 06:01 pm (UTC)
We've just had it moved forward a month, so now all the states that actually do have DST all start at the same time. In Victoria it used to be the first weekend in November, now it's October. Western Australia just voted not to have it, so they'll now be 3 hours behind. And Queensland, where my family live, don't have it either. I don't know if Northern Territory does. When I lived in Tasmania, we'd still have light at 10pm in DST, because of how far south Tasmania is.

Of course, as we move forward, you'll be moving back - so on November 1st you get to sleep an extra hour :)
This totally threw me for a loop. I'm thinking BACK and DUH, opposite seasons!
Heh, yep! I learned the American mnemonic last year that reminds which way the clock goes: Spring forward and Fall back. Of course, we don't call it Fall, but it still works for us. Does Germany have DST?
Heh, with out the 'Spring ahead' 'Fall behind' saying I'd never remember which direction to go in :-P

Yes, but I think we change back the second to last weekend in October...