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out like a light_by slayground

Just a quick note ...

Not ignoring anyone, it's just:

a) I'm sick;
b) My home internet is down; and 
c) Work is insane.

Hope all are well.


1-You're still sick? I'm sorry, and send you virtual medicine.

2-If your internet is down, you can't download porn, huh? How sad for you.

3-You're working while you're sick? You are brave, loyal and true! I salute you.

1. Aw, thanks chickie! Here's hoping it tastes like coffee and not gross & disgusting stuff.

2. Imagine my frustration! (Well, actually - you probably can!)

3. I'm a workaholic when I care (Imagine the overtime I'd be willing to put in if I was Enrique's personal dresser!). And I work for a union - the fight never ends! (And my bosses are equal parts compassionate & slave-drivers).