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Managed to contract the latest nasty 'flu doing the rounds at work - can't say I'm not a team player! I have orange juice coming out my eyeballs. No fear I'll be lacking in Vitamin C.

The cat has stolen my bed, so I'm lying on the couch watching Season 3 SGA. Man, I miss my show! I especially miss when it was good. I miss Weir, too. I wasn't really a fan of Weir initially - that scene in 38 Minutes where she tears Kavanagh a new one always makes me cringe - but I'd come to like her by Season 3. I miss Rodney and Ronon, and their special brand of bickering (the type that involves whining and threats of death), I miss Teyla being all leader-y. I miss Sheppard, and Lorne, and Zelenka. *sadface*

ETA: Connick Jr offended by Hey Hey It's Saturday blackface skit - O.M.F.G. I can't believe they did that. IT'S 2009, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THAT'S WRONG BY NOW?


I especially miss when it was good.
Lol. Yeah, me too. I also miss when Rodney didn't have a girlfriend!