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ice queen

Free Mojo

Apparently, all Mojo Nixon songs will be available as free MP3s for the next three weeks - providing you are in America (IP address is determining factor). :( Stupid region rules. Still, if you're in the right country and you like Mojo, go for it!

ION, still have the flu. Not *quite* as hideously ill today as the past couple - managed to get a close-to-normal sleep (= woke to pee once, cat woke me for food, and then again to steal the bed. There is no denying The Screecher.) Yesterday Suze took me for coffee to get me out of the house, and then Annie came around with cheese and grapes. It was nice to get out and great to have visitors, but OMG so exhausting, just trying to sit upright while they were over! Hey! Look at that - I've typed two paragraphs with only two short breaks to do so - I'm definitely on the mend!


oh i didn't see the american ip disclaimer as I hadn't tried DL any yet :{
No problemo, littlebuttercup downloaded them all for me, and upped them in a zipped folder to MU. I'll burn 'em on to a disk for you guys.
yay! :]
*Hugs for quick better-getting-ness!*

Will you consider doing my music meme? I'd love some new songs from you =)
thanks for the hugs!

I'll certainly check out your music meme and take part - probably not for a couple of days, though, until I have the strength to sit at the computer for a decent amount of time. xo
clear cookies and then hit the site using hidemyass dot com

It works for me when I want to watch vids and stuff that are restricted to US IPs