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J-Mo and Flannycakes

Sweet! Before I finally get around to answering comments from yesterday, narellefromaus has uploaded video footage of Jason trying to trick Joe from Sunday's Armageddon. She shot this on her mobile phone. The audio quality is about what you'd expect, given the audio quality of the actual event. Be warned, though - the ridiculous laugh you keep hearing throughout is probably mine, and you can definitely see my nose at some point. Wow, it's big. I was sitting directly to the right of Narelle, so ended up in shot a little.
Anyway, it's an AVI, and it's just under 19MB, and it's here at megaupload.

ETA Castle Photography are the photographers for the Armageddon events - their website has photos from last year, and presumably will be posting some from this year too, so you might like to keep an eye out.

There is also a Armageddon forum with links to photos from the weekend. I haven't checked them out, but they may be worth a look.