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All hail the Mooch!

Birthday Mooch! 20 October, 2009
Birthday Mooch! 20 October, 2009

Smooch the Mooch! Today is the 20th birthday of my much-loved cat, Dion (Moochie) - that makes her the equivalent of a 100 year old (where's her damn telegram, Queenie?) While giving the Mooch lots of smooches today, my thoughts are with emrinalexander, who is missing her beloved Merlyn. Love 'em while you can, people - they're never around for long enough.


Baby!!! Awww. She doesn't look 20 at all! My Siamese lived to be 23 in pretty good health, so long live Mooch!
Hear, hear! People are always surprised to hear she's that old, but I can see how old she is (compared to what she used to be). She's a great cat.

And look at your gorgeous icon!!! ♥!
Happy birthday Dion darling. May you have many more. *sends kitty snuggles*
The kitty snuggles were well received - exactly the kind of present she likes!

Best wishes, little Moochie!!!

This makes two with my zebra finch who turned 12 last May!!! Given that they are supposed to live about 6 years...