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So I'm back online at home .... good, but I still don't know why I was *off*line - whether it was my modem, or my ISP ... Anyway, I have decided to change provider. Turns out, my colleague's husband works in my ISP's call centre. After discussing what they are like as employers, I refuse to give them my custom. They are so understaffed that I hung up last night after waiting for half an hour and *still* not speaking to anyone ... they have been snowed under for months and are too cheap to provide adequate staffing levels. They also pay their staff abysmally, and have them all on AWAs. As I'm ethically opposed to AWAs ... my dollar goes elsewhere. So - within "5-10 working days" I'll be churned over to my new provider. And I'll also have twice the speed. 'Twill make uploading and downloading a little better, I hope! 

In other news ... still not better. *growls*

And work is still crazy. Back in the AIRC tomorrow (Australian Industrial Relations Commission, for those who don't know). Exciting times. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


hope your better enough to drop by for booze sat arvo ;p
Pfft, yeah. I'll be there! Can't miss the opportunity to celebrate the screaming and icky births of the Jelly and Enormously Tall D. XD