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ice queen


Couple of crappy photos for ya - taken with my work phone. The one on the right was taken in Urban Grocer, the Asian grocery store in Melbourne Central. I don't know if the name has a proper translation (they're called Couque D'asses, if you can't make it out), but mmmm, Ass Biscuits - sounds tasty!!! The one on the left was taken in Chapel Street, Prahran, on Saturday. Suzette and I went back to Pizza Piazza for lunch, and alongside an excellent gluten free Fiorentina pizza & salad, I had two bottles of gluten free beer - the organic, German beer with the humourous name of Schnitzer Brau. OMG SO TASTY HOORAY FOR BEER I CAN DRINK!!! I've discovered there's an Australian brand called O'Briens which has great reviews for its Pale Ale, and now I'm dying to try it. Just in time for summer!!! Oh, also at Pizza Piazza - they serve the best tiramisu in the known universe. Just make sure you order the gluten free version. Suzette ordered the ordinary tiramisu, and tried mine to compare - apparently the coffee & sambucca-infused gf version stomps all over the traditional. Awesome food, tasty beer, great company, beautiful weather. Then I went and sprawled on the couch with the most enormously full belly for the rest of the evening. (I believe "beaching" is the technical term.) Weekends FTW!


Very good quality for phone pics :) Glad you found some gluten free stuff, not always easy to do.
Oh, finding gluten free stuff is hard enough - finding good gluten free stuff can be well nigh impossible! I love that cafe, their food is safe to eat and so tasty! I had their garlic bread last time - it's been so long since I had garlic bread! Love it.
Sounds great =) *sniggers at the ass biscuits*
*joins you in sniggering*
These biscuits taste like ass! :D

Marginally resists urge to point out said biscuits have cream in them. Chocolate cream to the right. *cough*

Also - Junky! How'd I guess you were in my neck o't'woods, just from that one rusty lil' fella? :)

Edited at 2009-10-26 08:40 am (UTC)

Aw, you know Junky, then? He's cute!