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Yeah, sure

Australia's *not at all* racist. Tell that to the twelve-year-old Aboriginal boy charged with receiving a stolen Freddo Frog (that's a chocolate, for those not in the know).


Wow, putting a twelve year old in a cell is harsh. Not to condone any shoplifting but surely there are better uses of police time.
And he didn't even steal it, his friend did! This would never happen if the kid was white. It's disgusting.
Yeah I saw the charge was receiving the stolen item. Imagine having a conviction so early in life for something so ridiculous.
though it says he has been in trouble with the police before, reasons not given, so there may be more to the story than the tabloid headlines, but still putting a kid in a jail cell is pretty harsh
oops that was me ;p
What the hell! He didn't even steal it! *angry*