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red pacman

I <3 Melbourne

I walked down a different street to get to work today and was struck all over again by how much I love this city. Took some pics to show why:

kittens junky @ a'beckett
Kittens!!! And I see Junky has made a visit to town - a few weeks ago I posted another Junky from Chapel St, Windsor.
one day.
(if you look at the larger image, someone has added an 's' in front of 'laugh', and 'ter' at the end.

outfit_bottom outfit_top

The skirt is actually two panels, with a broad waistband, which ties at the waist with three ties, and is reversible - the inside colours match the top in the second picture. Each panel is different, so the skirt can actually by worn four different ways. It also has slits all the way up to that broad waistband, and Alana's made a black skirt and loose black pants to be worn under it. Clever clogs.</a>


heh, i would try fetching those kittens ;p
oh i meant WOULDN'T try.. ;p
I like the way laugh was changed to slaughter, I'm easily amused.
I don't mind the odd joke about random, mindless violence myself. I think it was all of those Young Ones episodes I used to watch...
I think your icon would make a rather nice tattoo. *eyes it*
It would! You should get one just like it! (Maybe leave out the anti-American stuff stencilled over his mouth... You can see it clearer here.