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ice queen

My Saturday in Photos

crowd FSU supports Equal Love

Went to the Same Sex Marriage Rally with my workmates (some of whom can be seen in the second photo - Steven on the left, then Spence [the ginger], Spence's partner Mardi behind and to the right, and Andrew in the cap in the right foreground).

We saw a man with a giant bear desperately trying to convince a taxi to take him. Then we went to snap this graffiti near Keegan's house (didn't have my camera last time I saw it).

suzette & raxelle raxelle & kristen

My mate Suzette, and her daughter Raxelle (Rachel); Raxelle and her girlfriend Kristen.

corey mick & albie

Corey; Mick & Albie

spence spence & emeline

Spence photographing friends, with Judy, Corey, Emeline & Mick in the background; Spence & Emeline.

rally attendee rally attendee snoopy

Random rallyers.

ION, we've had a gas leak in our kitchen for about 5 days now. We were finally convinced that it *was* a leak, and rang the real estate on Saturday morning. Theoretically the plumber will come round at 3 this afternoon to fix it (more like tomorrow, I'll bet). I tell ya, I won't be sorry to get rid of that smell. Peeee-ew.


im pretty sure a leak counts as in emergency job, and you should have called thier emergency gas number as soon as you could.
if they didnt give you an emergency after hours contact then somethings wrong, but you should have called one anyway and can pass the bill back to them
We weren't sure it was actually gas at first. Friday night we were finally sure, and by then it had already been a few days, so didn't feel like an emergency. We keep the hall windows open all the time, so it's not building up inside. Hopefully get fixed today, though. I was feeling a bit queasy from it last night.
hope its fixed soon then.

oh love that guy with the giant teddy, hope he got a cab :P
Spoke to him about two hours ago, he said he'd be another two hours ... not here yet.

Last we saw they were forcing the bear into the back seat of a cab. We were joking about it having its head stuck out the window the whole way home.
Rally was good, wasn't it? I hope you got that leak fixed.
D'OH! Don't tell me we were in the same place and didn't see each other again!!! We need to meet for coffee. We do.
I know. This has just gotten ridiculous. I swear to god. I am gloriously free for, oh, the next two months if you'd like to soon :)