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ice queen

I know it's still yesterday where you are ...

But that's just cos Americans are a bit slow! *g*

Anyway, check out the date on this entry - it's right on time as far as I'm concerned. So enjoy your extended day!


I hope you have a slashtastic day!



Your birthday

And a dozen dancing boys for you! And then you can put them in a ziplock baggie and keep them fresh until my birthday.

Re: Your birthday


You sure they'll stay fresh in there? *g* I'd hate to find they've all spoiled before November...yick.
Oh thanks, sweetie! Heee. And a lovely pic just for me. Yay!


(BTW- the comment below is from my actual sister!)
Um, I'm worried about your sister ... putting men in baggies? Does she do this often? Is this some weird Southern custom? *g*