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Oh, self-indulgence, thy name is rilestar.

I bought *myself* a christmas present yesterday, while I was poking around local Etsy sellers to see if there was anything I could get for people I still need to buy for. I saw this awesome messenger bag made of seatbelts, and couldn't resist.

ETA: You can check out the bags and other products at the seller's etsy page.


Those are so awesome, I saw the link you posted on twitter. They sell bags like that at a store called Fireworks that's in Seattle, but they're about ten times more expensive, lol.
I think they're very cool, but I wouldn't pay ten times more for them! I think the best thing about them is they shouldn't break, like all my other bags do!
Nice... I want one!
Aren't they cool? They have more here - they also have wallets and laptop "armour".
How cool is that???

Merry Christmas to you :-)
I think it's very cool.

Hey, I still need you to email me your address!
Cool =)
:) Me likey!