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green slide

Fascinating project!

I've just found out about The Uniform Project - Sheena Matheiken is undertaking (she's at Day 223) to wear the same dress every day for 365 days, while maintaining a blog about it, to raise funds to put kids through school in India. She has 7 identical copies of the same dress, and wears different accessories/bits'n'pieces with it every day to make a totally new look. If you click through the link above, you can go back through the calendar to view each day's look (with three or four shots per day to give you an overall view), and you can leave comments as well. There is also the facility to donate money - and eBay will match each donation made over the holiday season up to $15,000. Such an interesting project, with a great cause!


Very interesting project. It'd be nice if it ended up making people less fashion conscious.
I agree. It's horrifying what some people will spend on their looks.