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bah humbug

Come oooooooooooooooon, holidays!

I so can't wait for work to end for the year. 2.5 DAYS AND COUNTING!

I went to the Arts market at Southbank on Sunday - damn, there's some great stuff there! I still really want one of those hideously expensive kaleidoscopes. I didn't buy anything (except a cup of gelati - peanut nutter & pistachio). I also managed to get sunburned, because I am white and pasty. I salivated over the gozlemes, but since they weren't gluten free I had to settle for Turkish Delight. I'll have to make some GF ones over the holidays. Note to self: buy spinach & fetta. Anyway, I photographed the lady making the gozlemes, because she was cool:
making gozlemes angel
The other pic is the old angel on my tiny tree - she's been in my family since I was a kid, and when Ma upgraded I snagged her for myself.

All my christmas shopping and posting is finally done. Most of my family asked me to continue with the christmas donations to the animal hospital. Everyone's cards, etc, will be late - partly because I suck, and partly because of the strike action that's been going on for the past week in the postal service. Australia Post should get it's head out of its arse and negotiate with the CEPU. People before profits. Part of the industrial action is the refusal by (some) workers to check that correct postage has been paid - that may help my friend Linn, who rang me yesterday to let me know that she'd posted a present to me - but had mailed it with the stamps *inside* the package, instead of stuck on the outside. Christmas, you make fools of us all. ETA: If you'd like some info on the postal strike, you can read the latest article here. Be sure to click through to the comments to see what a bunch of selfish whiners the average Australian is. And see if you can spot my comment ;)

I received my xmas presents from my friend Arwen, who bought them all in Vietnam on her recent trip. They are so amazing! I'm documenting them for myself under the cut, but thought you might enjoy seeing the two photographs she bought for me. I'm going to frame them for the lounge room. Apologies for the crappiness of the pics, I didn't go to much effort (read: any) to capture them properly.

presents from Arwen
An overview: awesome shopping bag bought from a not-for-profit which raises money for kids born with congenital heart defects; a cute little purse with jade earrings inside (for luck); a gorgeous, carved wooden fan - comes in a cute, fabric-covered, velour-lined box and is scented, and a gorgeous green scarf.
earrings & purse
Close-ups of my lucky jade earrings & the detail on the fan.


Wow, amazing prezzies.
Aren't I lucky?
Hey there! A friend wrote me cuz she can't access Pretty FBIboys anymore. I tried and it is apparently down. Is there something I should be worried about? *shivers*
I don't know if you saw my other posts this morning, but it is gone for good. The server crashed and Nadia had not backed it up. All of that work is gone. And I only found out because of your comment! Apparently it happened five days ago, but she didn't bother to tell us. I am actually quite angry about all of this. So much work, just gone like *that*!

BTW - your card arrived yesterday - thank you!!!