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ice queen

I miss my mug :(

On Friday I was opening a beer when the bottle slipped, knocking my favourite coffee mug (the only one I use for coffee at home) onto the floor, where it split in two, with the handle breaking into four pieces. I'm grieving a little for that mug.

About 8 years ago I was asked to volunteer my filming/editing skills to help out a boy called Luke. Luke was a partial quadraplegic, and his mum wanted to have a video made which could be given to lay carers before they came to care for Luke. The video included an interview with Helen (the mum) explaining the family story, and then featured the trained carer running through the physiotherapy exercises Luke needed done daily. Of course, I was happy to help. When the project was done, we had a viewing at the clinic, after which Helen drove me home. When we got to my place, Helen told me she had something for me, as a thank you. It was a box of her ceramics, things she had made at university before she'd had to withdraw from her degree due to Luke's sudden paralysis. She told me these ceramics were all that existed from then - they were the ones she hadn't smashed in the emotional turmoil from learning of Luke's prognosis. They were beautiful, too. I immediately adopted that mug as my mug, and I used it everyday for my coffee. In a way it reminded me subtly of how good I have it, and how much pain and suffering other people have in their lives every single day. Rest in pieces, little mug.
neeson - kitty's best friend
This is the only picture I can find of it at the moment, obscured by my cat's favourite toy, Mr Neeson.

On a happier note, my gorgeous old cat was blissing out on chin rubs yesterday, and I recorded her on my camera phone. You can hear me talking to her, along with an episode of White Collar playing in the background. :)

I hope y'all had a good christmas. I spent my day cooking and washing up the subsequent dishes. I had Sandy, his dad, Suzette and Lea around for dinner, and I baked a banana cake, peanut butter cookies and pao de queijo (Brazilian Cheese Puffs), and made Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls and vegie/tofu kebabs. Sandy made a Spanish Omelette, and Lea created an enormous White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake for dessert (I just wrote 'cheesekate' - wtf???).
berry cheesecake paris bag
The cheesecake, and the handbag Suzette bought me for Christmas - she says it's for when we go to France in a couple of years :)

I managed to convince most people to not buy me presents - I don't like the commerciality of Christmas, and I don't like knowing that my friends/family are scraping to find money to buy me things when I have a fulltime job and can buy myself what I need/want. Most of my family were happy for me to donate money again to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, but my brother Iian wanted a gift, so I bought him Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog on DVD. Which, it turns out, he had also bought me. Of course, I'd already bought a copy for myself when I bought his - this is the problem when your family lives two states away. We don't know what each other owns/wants/doesn't want. He also sent my birthday present (held over from May) - the same Buffy graphic novel he bought me two years ago. See! I really do appreciate the thought, but he should have saved his money. Although Sandy appreciated the graphic novel and DVD - I gave them to him, since I already had both. It's funny, that's the third christmas where I've bought the exact same present for someone as they've bought for me. First, about 18 years ago, my uncle and I exchanged copies of the I hate Madonna Handbook, then a few years back, Lea and I bought each other Ocean's 11 on DVD. Freaky!

While I had a good Christmas, Lea came over straight from the hospital (and left early to go back there) as one of her friends had attempted (almost successfully) suicide. He is physically out of danger, but is now blaming the attempt on Lea not being in love with him. Again, it makes me appreciate what I have. And that includes you guys. ♥ to you all.

ETA: I forgot! My grandmother, uncle and dad all sent me money, so I blew it all yesterday on a bottle of Lagavulin 16 year single malt scotch. At $120 a bottle, it's not surprisingly the *nicest* scotch I've ever had. I'm so looking forward savouring it! (The only time I've had it before was the night I went to the Tex Perkins Johnny Cash stage show, and it cost $25 a glass at the bar we went to before the show. Needless to say, I only had the one!)


om nom ! yummo xmas food , that cake looks delish!

poor lea, sounds like a horrible situation :\

It was berry intense!

Yeah, not much fun :(