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My backyard is currently being stripped by Alana, in the process of moving out. It's going to be so bare! Although, I'm very pleased that she is leaving me the gerberas, the pineapple sage and - most importantly! - Rodney the cactus. I seem to have done my left shoulder moving heavy furniture for her yesterday ... unfortunate, as it's the shoulder I always carry my backpack on and it yells if I move it, now. Have organised the water, gas & electicity to be transferred to my name, and am working on the fridge/washing machine rental. I'm not sure, exactly, when Alana will be fully moved out, though. She's paid up until Feb 15, but has also been paid up on the new place since Jan 6. The end of an era approaches, though! I'm glad she'll only be about 15 minutes' walk away. Change, eh? The only universal constant.


Oh nooo why no more Alana? Also, did you see I posted a few days ago thanking you for your lovely parcel? =)
Do you remember Lily, or old flatmate from the last house? She asked Alana early in 09 to move out with her, and then got offered 6 months rent-free at her mum's apartment in town, so Alana didn't end up moving out (this was when Lan was trying to cope with being dumped). Then, in November, Lily found out she didn't get into NIDA, so wouldn't be moving to Sydney. She again asked Alana to move out with her, so Alana told me she'd be moving out in February. I lined up Lea to move in, and then Lily decided she didn't want to move. Since I already had Lea lined up, Alana thought she ought to find somewhere else ASAP. She'll be living in East Brunswick, not too far away.

I did see your post! But you had disabled comments, so I couldn't comment back. Glad you enjoyed your hot choc! Hope you find some music you like in there. I highly recommend Fourplay's Fourthcoming album.