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ice queen

Let me tell you something it seems the rest of the world has not caught on to: the best pizza topping in the world is made of shredded spinach or silverbeet, mixed with crumbled fetta and beaten egg.

I'm serious. I discovered this kind of pizza in a Turkish pizza shop back in Launceston - it's the only place I've ever seen it for sale. They made their pizzas on turkish bread... divine. I loved that pizza, and since I can't buy it anywhere I sometimes make it myself. Alana and I made it for dinner last night. Alana made the dough - combining a little of every kind of gluten free flour we had in the house: sorghum, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, red rice flour, potato flour, and the last smidge of tapioca flour. It actually held together very well (you could pick the piece up and eat that way) - often gf foods don't hold together, because it's the gluten which is the elastic part of dough.

I made the topping (with lashings of black pepper and dried chilli flakes), and for sauce we used some Spicy Peppers pasta sauce. OMG, TASTY! And equally tasty cold for breakfast! \o/ We did add some grated cheddar across the top, but it's not totally necessary. Seriously - try it, guys. It is amaaaaaazing. I wish I had more for lunch.


mmm... that sounds good!
Best pizza ever!
I made it and it was yummy! ...but don't tell Annie because I'll never hear the end of it. Yes, it's true, I bought silverbeet. LOL.
Ahaha! I can just imagine her ragging on you. Good on you, though! It's so yummy. I could go for some right now.