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1. Post-storm Melbourne is Insanotown. Traffic and public transport = madness today. Oy.

2. The Wire is an evilly addictive show. Was loaned Season 1 and watched the first 10 eps yesterday ... going to JB HiFi today at lunch because they have the first four seasons for $20 each. Must.Watch.More.

3. Guess who called me yesterday? "Hello, this is Radio Rentals. You owe us $28 ..." Me: "#$@#%*^*(*&#@$!@#% ... also, I rang you on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Why haven't you taken the money from my friggin' card like we agreed?" RR: "Um.... sorry. We'll take the extra with your next monthly payment." Me: "Why don't you do that." Sigh. RADIO RENTALS = STUPIDEST COMPANY EVER. SHOULD BE RENAMED TO MORONS R US. I HATE YOU, RADIO RENTALS.

4. If I was much shorter, my hair would seem much longer.

eta: 5. Gah! I knew I was forgetting something! Birthday wishessssssssss! Happy birthday to littlebuttercup for the 7th, allzugern for the 8th, and my grandma, who is 91 today. Ladies, hope you have wonderful birthdays, with yummy cakes and lovely pressies. xo.


Maybe someone from Radio Rentals has seen your lj entries *g*
Heh. I don't think they're smart enough to work the Interwebz.
we need to re schedule out meet up :]
Indeed, Miss "I've suddenly jetted off to Tassie".