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Oh, interwebz.

How much I like having you at hand. How much I dislike the prospect of no internet access for the next 3-5 days.

I've had no connection since just before I woke up yesterday. Made 2 calls to ISP last night, nothing worked. They've decided either a) the modem is faulty, or b) there's a fault at the exchange. They've booked a technician to check the exchange, but that probably won't happen before Tuesday. Trying to line up with Spence to check the modem at her house tonight, because if it's the modem I can a) take it back to the shop tomorrow and get back online shortly after, and b) cancel the technician (if the technician goes to check the exchange and it turns out to be the modem after all, I'll get charged $220 for an unnecessary call out).

I know it won't kill me to live without it, but it makes me aware how much I use it. Alana and I ended up throwing the phone books into the recycling bin because we use Yellow Pages or White Pages online instead. I google recipes, or recipe ideas, very often. I email myself reminders between my home and work emails. I store documents as attachments on my gmail, so I can access them wherever I want. I need to start remembering my thumb drive.


Anyway, after I knock off from work today I probably won't be around online until I'm back at work next Tuesday, so don't feel I'm ignoring you. I wouldn't do that! I love you guys!

This weekend, internet aside, is looking pretty good. Tomorrow I'm off to the seaside somewhere with narellefromaus, to sniff the sea air. Sunday night is PAVEMENT IN CONCERT OMG OMG OMG IT'S LIKE IT'S 1997 ALL OVER AGAIN! Except I have a few grey hairs now. Inbetween these exciting events, and dullness like laundry and dishes, I still have a bunch of The Wire to watch. GOD I LOVE THAT SHOW.


yay seaside and Pavement!!
you have monday off?
I am indeed. If you want to organise something it'll need to be done by quitting time today, or else via sms.
we should do lunch or somthing monday then!
that would be good. we should get B and do the ACMI thing.
sounds good
1pm at ACMI ?
Sounds good. Can you chase up B, since I'll be email-less soon? You can text me over the weekend if there are any probs.
Not essential I grant you but I really don't like not having the internet. Hope it does get fixed quickly.
Thanks! I miss my OS people when it's down!