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ice queen

seaweeds and sand

seaweeds and sand
Originally uploaded by rileyo

It appears that the only way I can post an entry at the moment is to use the 'blog this' feature on flickr - with the updates done at LJ overnight I'm one of those who gets no text box showing up when I want to post a new entry or edit an old one. sigh. And at a time when I want to actually say stuff!

Anyway, the picture might have given it away - I went to the beach on Saturday with narellefromaus as part of the BEST WEEKEND EVER. The weather was gorgeous (all though it's got hotter and more annoying since), and I had a fantastic time. It was wonderful just to smell the sea. *happy sigh*

Followed up an awesome Saturday by going to the BEST GIG EVER, ANYWHERE, IN ALL THE UNIVERSE, which featured my favouritest band in 'verse, Pavement, who split up 10 years ago. OMG, they were so on - I'm still buzzing from the gig (mood, not ears) and it's Wednesday now! They were FANTASTIC. Alana came too, we had dinner at an Indian restaurant nearby beforehand. Alana never got to see them before they split up, so she was really happy to see them now, and loved them too. *eeeeeeeee* <-- still buzzing with happiness

Then, Monday I spent a few enjoyable hours with my lovelies, a_carnal_mink and andricongirl at ACMI Lounge, whiling away a too-warm afternoon in the shade. Also, my internet was fixed on Monday, and I didn't have to pay anything because it *was* a fault at the exchange, and not my modem.

More to say, but it'll keep for another time. HALLOOOOOO THAR, FLIST!



Ditto on the awesomeness of Saturday. :) Wonder if the cafe would have mind if we whipped out the Readers and started reading while soaking in the smell of the sea air?
Glad you had such a sensational time at Pavement.
Good idea for your personal safety you didn't work on Monday. Overly perky people on Mondays tend to get hit or have things thrown at them. We're a spiteful society.

~ Narelle

New changed-for-the-sake-of-changing-shit changes suck. Glad to see you found a workaround...