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ice queen

Pics 'n' stuffs.

skelly hombre
Senor Skelly Hombre, from a mural in Neill St, Carlton.

Into my second week of holidays. Mon-Fri last week had little brother Steve to stay - lots of tour-guiding. Went to the museum for the first time - awesome dinosaurs! and bugs! and rainforest! I'm going to take out a membership and go regularly. And take photos next time.

puppy cake zombie dancers
Puppy cake from Breadtop (Asian bakery); zombie dancers from Zombie Dance Lane

zombie dj zombie dancers

chica eat the rich
Chica, from Carlton, same place as skelly hombre; 'eat the rich' zombie tshirt.

From an alley off Little Lonsdale.

Just back from the vet this morning - check up time for kitteh. Her BP is under control thanks to the medication. Her nails are freshly trimmed. Both sides of her face are now shaved - one side for blood tests to check on kidney disease, the other to aspirate the lump, which the vet suspects is cancer. Won't find out for a couple of days, though. 20 year old kitteh is doing well, though. She's a lovely, happy girl, thankfully.

ETA: my colleague P, who was hospitalised with salmonella, is thankfully out of hospital - but facing medication for the next 5 years.


cool pics

the museum is great :]

im free most afternoons if you wanna catch up, but am waiting to be paid, hopefully by tomorrow ill have some moneys

We should go there together sometime.

B says Thursday or Friday are good for her...
ok, i should be able to do either them
say thursday then ? regular place ?
Thurs sounds good, around 12.30?
can we make it 1?
I start work at 6:30, so a bit later is better for me as ill just stay in the city
I love the colors in Senor Skelly! Awesome artwork...and photograph!

Glad your kitty is doing good. *pets her*
Thanks! I've been eyeing off that mural for a while, just needed to get off the tram, take it, then catch the next one, but never think of it when I have the time. It's so colourful and eyecatching!

Kitty is darling. Just waiting to hear the results of the tests. Doctor said if it's lymphatic cancer chemo is pretty much out of the question because of her blood pressure and kidney disease. But whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be bothering her.