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Kitty update

Results are back in from the tests run on Monday. Her kidney disease is still stable at Stage 2, and her refusal to eat the kidney diet food isn't proving a problem - her potassium levels are still good. There was a high white blood cell count, though, which indicates infection and inflammation. The vet believes it's tied to the hard lump on the left side of her face. The results of the aspiration of the lump came back as inconclusive - no positive confirmation of the cancer they believe it to be. However, it did indicate that the problem is with the salivary gland, not the lymph node. As the vet still believes it's cancer, D is now booked in for Friday, April 9 for a biopsy, and to check that her lungs are clear (because salivary gland cancer could spread to her lungs). If it's shown to be cancer, the next step would be a specialist removing the entire lump, as it could end up affecting her ability to chew (and breathe, if it moves to the lungs). The other option given was to not have the biopsy, but just to treat her with antibiotics for a few weeks, and give her cortisone. However, I think it's better to know for sure what is up, while she is capable of handling the general anaesthetic. Poor kid, though. She hates going to the vet (although she is always so well behaved - they love her at the clinic).

ETA: Yikes. The clinic just rang back with a price estimate for the biopsy & 3 xrays - $730-$800, give or take. There goes a big chunk of my savings. For any follow-up surgery I guess I can cash in some Annual Leave. *sigh*


Kids, furry or otherwise, bring all the bills to the yard (and they're like "Well you chose to have me, pay up"). To paraphrase that milkshake song very badly. ;)
Glad you're still up for making jokes! Hope your beautiful girl is doing better. xo
Oh poor Kitty. Hopefully she'll be okay.
Thank you. I hope so too! She had a good night tonight - my flatmate brought home roast chicken - Dion went nuts at the smell, so Lea gave her some. What a happy kitty! Much nicer than the stinky old canned food I give her ;) I'm a vegetarian, so I never think to buy meat beyond canned food for her, I must try to remember to treat her from time to time!
Big hugs to you and your lovely lady cat. She's brave!
Thank you, gorgeous!