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Kitty update

So, Friday was the xray/biopsy day. The vet, in the pre-surgery appointment, told me they would do the xrays first, because if the xrays showed tumours in the lungs there would be no need to ascertain if the lump was cancerous (it would obviously be so). She also asked for permission to add another xray (one of her head) to the list (total cost for Friday = $830). Well, D's lungs were fine, so they went ahead with the biopsy, and added in a couple of fine needle aspirates for the part of the lump which has spread down her neck. Still don't have the results (obviously, no one does anything on weekends) - should find out tomorrow, I guess. D pulled up really well after the anaesthetic - she wasn't wobbly or groggy at all when she came home, was able to jump up and down off the bed with no problems. She was, however, pretty stoned. The vet nurse told me she'd been given methadone (!) as a painkiller. She ate her head off and sat around, staring vacantly. Now that the painkiller has worn off, she is a little more vocal, but still seems fine. Not bad for a 20 year old kitteh!

Still keeping my fingers crossed on the results, but being able to see the lump clearly (due to the shaving) makes me more pessimistic. :(


I'm keeping you and kitty in my thoughts!
Aw, thank you sweets!
Oh man. I hope she's okay. Methadone? Really? That's crazy. I didn't know they gave that as a pain killer for animals. I'm glad she made it out of surgery okay. and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll be okay and that the biopsy will show it's not cancerous.
Methadone? Really? That's crazy.

I know! We were like, "Whaaaaaaaa?" when she said that.

Thanks, I appreciate it. She's my old girl, and I'm not ready to lose her!
I guess it sort of makes sense, but then not really. Like, they didn't have any other pain killers? Just seems weird.

I totally understand how you feel. I've lost a few cats in my time, some too early. Hope she pulls through, whatever it is.
*snuggles you both gently*