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The vet called this morning. Dion has cancer - a malignant tumour in her salivary gland. From the looks of it, it may have already spread to her lymph nodes, from where it could spread to the rest of her. I have to make an appointment with an oncologist to get a better idea of the prognosis, but chemo is probably out due to her kidney disease - the vet said chemo would probably kill her kidneys as fast as it would kill the tumour.


Oh, I'm so sorry! :( ♥
Thank you. Me too :( Oncologist appointment is booked for Tuesday morning next week, so just a matter now of wait-and-see.
poor old kitty :[
:( At least she's feeling fine at the moment. Oncologist is booked for Tuesday, 10am, guess I'll have more of an idea after that.

No, dammit!


I have an Oncologist appointment for Tuesday, 10am - just gotta wait and see what they say.
Oh dear. I am so sorry. I was really, really praying that everything would turn out alright. I'm sorry that the diagnosis isn't good, but I hope there's something the oncologist can do for your poor kitty.
Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind thoughts.
Oh, honey, poor baby. *hugs you tight and pats Dion gently*
*hugs you back*

Dion loves pats :) She also loves roast chicken, which Lea bought her for dinner last night :D She's getting lots of spoiling. I'm just glad that she's not showing any effects yet, she's not sick or in pain.
Oh, honey. I am so sorry.
Thank you. I really appreciate everyone's kindness. I'm just glad that so far she is not showing any signs of sickness or pain. She just keeps purring like an outboard motor, eating her head off and demanding pats. And the heater. She loves the gas heater - sits in front of it and looks at me, waiting for me to buy a clue and turn it on.