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candy hearts

a cheerier entry :)

I posted recently that I had won the bidding on the team plushie chibis by chkc in the MSF auction for dHew's bd. They arrived this morning, perfect timing for a cheer-up. Aren't they adorable??? Ronon's dreads, his little wraith teeth, his tattoo. John, with his thigh holster *nnrrgghhh* and his little 'velcro' patch where his Pegasus patch would go, and his little US flag on his shoulder. Teyla, with her gorgeous dress and adorable flower in her hair. Rodney, with his crabby face and his black-sided science shirt. EEEEEEEEEEEE! chkc, you rock. I love them to bits. Pictures are


John - flag detail

Teyla - flower detail

John - Thigh holster ...

In other news, Dion has an appointment with an oncologist on Tuesday, so we'll get a better idea then what - if anything - can be done. I really appreciate all the good thoughts and best wishes, guys. Kind words make a heavy heart lift. xo ♥


aren't they just? they are squishy cuuuuuuuuuute :)
They're gorgeous. Oh show, I miss you, and I miss the fandom being active.
Ohhh, me tooooo. :( My squishy show, with my lovable team. *sigh*