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April 13th, 2015

ice queen

for people to share...

Originally posted by elfbert at for people to share...
So, my friend has had a hard time recently. He's been very ill with a virus and hadn't left the house (he was staying at his parent's) for 2 months before his disappearence. He left a note to his parents saying he was going for a short walk, very early on Wednesday morning, but actually walked in a different direction, with a large rucksack.

He called for a taxi when he got to the edge of the town, and was taken to the railway station. From there he caught a train which was heading to Cheltenham, although no one knows if he got that far, or changed trains somewhere. He told the taxi driver that he was heading to London, but there are direct trains to London from that station, and it seems he was heading specifically for the Cheltenham train.

He has been going through some hard times about personal matters, as well as his illness, and this is completely out of character for him. He's always been very close to his parents and his brother.

Obviously we hope he's gone somewhere to be alone for a while. He obviously planned all this - taking a bag, leaving the misleading note so his parents wouldn't try and follow him, even possibly lying to the taxi driver.

He is an experienced walker and camper, and it's quite possible that he is somewhere like the Forest of Dean, Lakes, Peaks, or other park or woodland where he can camp out and be alone.

Anyway, if you think you know anywhere where a poster would be seen by walkers/campers/commuters etc. then please use on of these:

Or print off one of the Missing Persons ones, here.