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homer drool

Oh, my lunch!

... not really meant like, "Oh, my stars!", but more like, "Oh, my lunch - how I love you!"

Just picked up a low fat, low GI, gluten free vegie lasagne from Bare Pear, a little organic/low GI cafe at 148 Queen St (round the corner from Bourke). They specialise in low fat, low GI, organic foods, with an emphasis on vegetarian. And it was TASTY. It was $8.50, and another $3 for some salad on the side - baby spinach, avocado and walnut. Ohsogood. I also discovered they do a gluten free cheese toastie with coffee for $5.50 for breakfast! Their range of soups looked amazing, too. I am so going there again. Oh, and their takeaway packaging is totally recyclable. \♥/

ETA: I have to add, as a vegetarian - how a cafe handles a vegetarian lasagne is a great indicator of their abilities. Although, considering the ingredients, it should be next to impossible to make a bad vegie lasagne, most people seem to manage to make it taste completely bland. 5 stars, Bare Pear!


i have to go, GF toasties , lasagne !!
You will love it!!!