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ice queen

Equal Love, and such.

Sir Ian McKellen & Roger Rees
Sir Ian McKellen & Roger Rees at the Equal Love rally for same-sex marriages today. Awesome turnout!

Ian McKellen Roger Rees
Sir Ian McKellen, Roger Rees

Family Portrait Equal Love rally
Mardi, Spence & Gypsy and the biggest crowd so far at the Equal Love rally today.


It's autumn :) and Crikey! It's Steve Irwin! One of those ride-on kids' things at Barkly Square.

And now I'm drinking cinnamon tea and eating gluten free rum balls while Lea makes split pea dahl for dinner \o/


Ah, so you were there. We were looking for you. But (happily) it was a very large crowd.
Yes, despite your Tallness I could not see you! It was great to see such a large crowd.


We found A & D, but couldn't spot you. I see from your pics that you were on t'other side from us. Guess that explains that, then. :)
Damn! But there were quite a few people between us and you, by the sounds. I couldn't even spot D's Tallness :D

'Twas great to see you last night, Alana & Sandy enjoyed your visit very much.
I like Sir Ian's shirt.

Thanks for the pics! :D
Cheers! Yeah, it's a great shirt, isn't it? They had a placard competition, too, (to win a Tegan & Sara cd) and the winning placard said "I shouldn't have to be here." I also liked the one that said, "Jesus had two daddies". :D