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A burning question.

I like pigeons. They're cute. I usually refer to them as 'pigies', but I've been wondering about the spelling. We shorten Refrigerator to Fridge, should Pigeons be shortened to Pidgies instead of Pigies? Both are pronounced the same, but with the D included it would be more obvious how to pronounce it. However, the lack of D remains truer to the spelling of the word being shortened.

Poll #1574501 A question of extreme importance.

Correct spelling for shortening the word Pigeon.

Riley, get off the computer
Seriously, you need a life
FFS, why are you still listing options?

Help me, flist! Enquiring minds want to know what you think!

(In case this poll hasn't clued you in, I'm in need of more sleep than I've been getting. My upcoming shiatsu massage at 3pm should help with that.)


It always bothers me when I read the occasional fic where someone shortens refrigerator to 'frig,' cause seriously that's not the same thing at all. So I think pigeon should be pidgie as well.

Get some sleep!
i think pigie reads more like piggie so i like the d ;]