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Recipe of the week

Sopa de Ajo - Garlic Soup (Cuban recipe)

Seriously, guys - NOM!

Take half a head of garlic, peel and mash. Thinly slice an onion. Gently soften garlic and onion with 100g (1/4 pound) butter until onion is translucent. Don't let garlic burn. If you can be bothered, transfer garlic & onion to food processor and smush it up (with a little of the stock), then return to the pot and add 6ish cups of chicken stock (I used the gluten free, vegetarian Massel brand chicken stock powder). Season with salt/pepper. Bring to the boil. If you wish, you can add a little cream or milk (I added a splash of evaporated milk). OMG - so, so garlicky, and thoroughly nommable. And I challenge any vampires (or viruses) to come anywhere near my garlic-saturated body. I'm so looking forward to reheating the leftovers tomorrow! Probably good thing I'm not going anywhere, though. Trick to overcoming garlic breath? Feed everyone you come into contact with the same food and they won't be able to smell yours over their own.

ETA: I forgot to add - you traditionally serve it over a slice of toast in the bottom of the bowl onto which you've cracked an egg. The soup will cook the egg in a couple of minutes. I had it sans toasty egg.


Mhmm, i'm hungry! (on a diet, you know...)

Thank you so much for your virtual gift. You're my Lj love, you know it, don't you?
I was kind of shocked by the amount of butter used, but I really wanted to try the soup. It is addictive!

You're welcome, lovely!!! Awww!