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ice queen


Angelica on the foggy beach

Am rapidly approaching the end of my two weeks off. Highlights have included 2 beach visits, much catching up with friends, successfully hosting a birthday dinner for Sandy, a painful dentist visit (boo!) and excruciating back pain (BOO!). Yesterday was my second of the two beach visits: andricongirl and I trammed to the end of the South Melbourne Beach line and kicked off with lunch at Sandbar cafe, before the mist suddenly rolled in. Then we walked all the way along the beach over to Port Melbourne, marvelling at the poor visibility and taking snaps. I LOVE THE BEACH. There is nothing that restores my soul like the smell of seaweed and salt. I don't swim or tan, I just like to *be* at the beach. You can see from the pic above how foggy it was. More pics .

Drilling Fool
This guy is INSANE. Not for all the money in the world would I do his job. He is balancing on planks, with an enormous drill on an enormous extension cord.
rust & wood

rust & wood
rust & wood
pier steps
lovely, mossy steps
These wacky birds just sat there for ages with their wings out in the fog.
If you speak any other language than English, Italian or Greek I hope you recognise the symbol above.

ETA another picture at the end - I don't know why, but I really like that one.

Now I'm off to gorge on painkillers and try to sleep :)


oh the old pier is called princes pier
apparently its being renovated, but seems they started in 2007 so might take a while yet

i like the last one as well, there was cool looking clouds out after the fog lifted
Ah! Thanks for the info! I'll have a read of that, and tag my photos appropriately, too.

The clouds were well cool in the afternoon, very amazing.
Those photos are great. Lovely detail. What camera do you use?
Thank you! I use this camera - on auto, usually (haven't memorised the manual features).
I always enjoy your photos =)
Aw, thanks sweetie!
Gorgeous pics.
Thank you! ♥