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green slide

Bon soir!

Just back from the Melbourne Recital Centre, where I had the pleasure of seeing Belle du Berry and David Lewis (from Paris Combo) performing their new (side project) album, Quizz. My little brother Iian and his partner Fiona are in town, and are also big fans of Paris Combo, so they were excited to come along with Suzette and I. We were lucky to get tickets (all shows sold out). It was held in the Salon, cabaret style. It was a very small room with tables seating 4 people each. I'm useless at estimating numbers, maybe 100? people? Afterwards there were copies of the CD for sale, and Belle signed every disc - I ended up having to write my name down for her to see the spelling after she wrote 'Rilly' - she had a much easier time with Suzette's disc! Such a good show. They are amazingly good at what they do. David Lewis - who is Australian, and Belle's partner - played the trumpet underwater at one point (in that he had the end of the trumpet submerged in a big bowl of water) - amazing sound! He also played the trumpet with one hand while playing the keyboard with the other. Gobsmacked. I can't rub my belly and pat my head at the same time, but he can do that! Anyway, winding down now and have to get ready for bed. Here's the title track from the CD, if you're interested.

PS: just realised I haven't posted in ages. Aren't I boring!


Ooh, sounds lovely. I enjoyed the bits of their music I've heard (can't play this track from here, no bandwidth =/).