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ice queen

Well, I'm over it now.

My earlier entry was a result of a number of things ...

1) hormones. damn, damn, damn.
2) tiredness. My kingdom for a decent week's sleep.
3) the person who cleaned the work fridge and threw out my stuff; and
4) the burn I got on my finger from the hot water machine on the wall.

You see, to make myself eat at least one semi-healthy meal a day, and to save $$, I buy tomatoes, avocado, cheese & lettuce and keep them in the fridge at work. Everyday I nick across to the IGA across the road and buy a fresh roll to put the above stuff on. (This is to make up for eating instant potato for dinner, which is the kind of thing I do most nights because I come home tired and the flatmates have used all the dishes...) So, today I'm in a hurry because I'm running to a schedule - unplanned meeting at 1pm, it's like 12.30 and I've got to buy & make & eat lunch and get to the meeting on time. So I get back from buying a fresh lettuce (the one in the fridge wasn't going to be edible) and a roll, only to discover that yesterday afternoon someone cleaned out the fridge and THREW AWAY MY BAG OF STUFF. Ok, the lettuce was gonna go anyway, and the cherry tomatoes weren't at their best, but the avocado was fine, as was the $5 chunk of brie GODDAMMIT! So, in the absence of time, I ended up picking at the plain roll and eating a tasteless cup-of-soup which I had in my office. Normally, I'd be irritated, but - I mentioned the hormones, didn't I? Yep. That time o' the month, so INSTANT RAGE. Now, I don't like being angry - it upsets my stomach and I'm not good at it because I'm rarely actually angry. I'm pretty calm. So I became angry about being angry. Which lead to the distraction which lead to burning myself .... Jeez. Sometimes I wish I was a pot plant.

Anyway - all better now. Ate chocolate, smoked cigarettes. Got over it. Thank god I don't get PMS EVERY month.


aghh indeed

my office was the opposite, the fridge probally still has some of my stuff sitting in it *heh* ;p
Well, hey! If you run outta money, you can always go back and scrounge! Might find some chunky milk in there ... Speaking of yummy food (!) are we all systems go for the White Lotus tomorrow night???


hmmmmm you should speak to your union rep about this - better they find the food thief than picketing on OUR streets!

Oh - I fear I may have to go and hide again!


Re: Nothing.

Wotsa matter, baby? Can't you get your swanky car down the streets when it's full of us rabble-rousers! Run, chicken little! I have comrades ALL around the world!

Re: Nothing.

Well , I do not wish to get the duco messed up with 'that' type of blood........ Then I woul dhave to pay to get someone to wash it off!