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Guess who is 21 today?

(The photo is blurred to minimise her wrinkles. Old hollywood photographer trick.)

You can see clearly here how much she has aged in the past six months. She looks old now. Damn tumour. :( Her nose looks odd because she gets food all over it - the tumour stops her from closing her mouth properly, so to eat she has to shove her nose into the food. There's no dignity in aging, folks. She still loves her Neeson Bear, though!



She is still cute.

Re: Awwwww

:) That she is!

Happy 21st, Dion!

I hope she's getting a extra special birthday treat on her nose tonight. :)

Hell, yeah! I'm gonna make potato bake (with cream and egg) - I made it for the first time a few weeks ago, and when I was eating reheated leftovers the next day she woke up sniffing the air and came charging over. I had to feed her bits to satisfy her so I could eat the rest! (She also got mushroom off my mushroom/pineapple pizza last night - she could smell the box on the couch and tried to get in through the steam vent!)
Happy birthday, little lass. *gentle stroking*
:) She loves being stroked. I made her some Dauphinoise potatoes, and she loved it. And my family rang to sing happy birthday. They had to sing it to me, cos D's deaf as a post!
She is just beautiful. She looks like a kitty who has been well-loved for a long time.
:) :) :) that's cos she is!!!