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Sleeping forever now.

Dion 'Moochie' O'Connor
Dion 'Moochie' O'Connor
20 October, 1989 - 09 November, 2010 The best cat there ever was.



Oh, honey, I am so, so sorry ♥
Thank you, Cate. I wish you could have known her! She was an awesome, awesome girl :)
I am so, so sorry :(
Thanks, lovely. No more suffering for her, which is good, but no more Moochie for me, which is ... surreal, unimaginable and horrible for me. :(
Visiting with her heavenly family now.
Look at your beautiful girl! Give her the biggest hug possible, and a smooch for me. xo

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Oh honey. Oh. Oh.

That was one well-loved and well-loving cat. I am glad you guys had so long together. I am so so sorry she's gone.
Thank you! I am going to miss her so much. She was always happy to see me, and the reverse was also true. She was the coolest cat ever.
Our condolences.
Thanks, D. Appreciated.

Oh! :(

So very sorry, darling. I hope you were able to be with her?

Vale, dear Dion, it was a pleasure to have known you.
Thanks. Yes, I was holding her. She wasn't herself on the weekend, and I knew it would be soon. I was hoping to book it for Friday, but when I saw her Monday morning I knew it was too long for her, so I booked it for Wednesday. Unfortunately, she went downhill overnight, so I had to ring this morning and get them to come today (I arranged a home visit). She didn't like the needle, but it worked very fast.

I'm so lucky to have had 21 years (and 20 days) with such a lovely and unique individual.
Oh you poor thing. That is so sad and I am so, so, so sorry. I know you tried so hard to make her well. I'm sorry for your loss.
Thanks, lovey. It was very hard, but I knew it was the right time. Go give your girl a big hug, and another from me.
Yeah it's still so hard even when you know it's coming. I will give her massive hugs and she will meow at me and be angry, but it will all be out of love. And then I'll give her another one from you!
Heh. It made me laugh, the bit about her being angry at you. I totally know the type! She'll mellow as she gets older - even the cranky ones end up being smooch-whores!
She only likes to be hugged and cuddled on her terms. No one else's. I hope she does. She is so cranky. But, even when they're cranky, you still love them so much you can't even understand why.
Rip Moochie

an amazing little kitty.
I'll always remember her little squeaky 'mahk' mew sound, the sound of her jumping off the top cupboard to the fridge and table in our tassie flat, and eve though she was mostly silent i always missed it when she wasnt around,
and her snoring under my bed, giving her location away even though she knew it was out of bounds :]
she had a great long life from having the best owner.

big hugs
You made me laugh out loud (and then cry a little bit). I'm so glad you have good memories of her, it makes me feel better to know that others appreciated her and that she'll be in their memories, too.

Thank you xoxo

D'oh. Edited to use the correct icon, of course!

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Oh honey, I'm so sorry at the passing of your friend. She had a good life with you, and you shared a lot of happiness. So much love coming your way across the wide and empty sea.

*great big huGGGGGGG*
Thanks, sweets. You should hug AO for me, too. She was an awesome girl, and I'll miss her heaps.
I'm so sorry :( *hugs tight*
Thanks very much for your kind words. I'll miss her a lot, she had so much personality.