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green slide

It occurs to me to ask ...

Can anyone rec me any good fics based on the Sherlock series? Or any good fic comms on same? I feel a need to read!



Thanks, nony - much appreciated.

You should probably join the cox_and_co comm. 'Tis all Holmesian slash. There's been quite a lot pertaining to Sherlock canon over the last several months...
Thanks B! I will definitely check it out. Hey, you free at all this week for a coffee?
sherlockbbc is the place to be! Lol. I have sooo many fics you could choose from.

I would start with verityburn.livejournal.com - her fic The Road Less Travelled is brill. i wasn't sure about it to start but... yeah, tis good. There's loooooads.

(although, it depends, on whther or not you're a Sherlock/John slasher. As most of the fandom is lol)
Thank you so much! I will check out both of those. And it's kinda hard *not* to be a Sherlock/John slasher, really, isn't it??? :D Although, I would like some well-written gen to introduce my friend to fanfic. She's obsessed with Sherlock, but having never read fanfic has a low opinion of it (typical!). And I've realised I'm somehow no longer friended to you??? I don't know when/how that happened, but I'm going to go and re-friend you!
*is heart broken* :p

Well... blowing my own trumpet here but I wrote a long-ish fic called "Strange News From Anothe Star", in three parts, that is essentially gen. It is gen but it can be slash, if read with slash goggles on :p Lol. It follows up one I did for the kinkmeme called Topical, where John has lunch with his sister and Sherlock interrupts lol.

There's just sooo much in the Sherlock world. I love it :D

edit - and in above comment its verityburns not verityburn sorry lol.

Edited at 2010-12-26 10:49 pm (UTC)