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JS Mill

I'm not sure why I expect better reasoning in meta posts on LJ than I expect from people in everyday life.


Oh dear?

(The problem with LJ posts is that they're there forever, while poorly-thought-out things I say in real life eventually fade from people's memory, unless they were really terrible. That's why I use friendslock for almost everything!)
You know what I hate most? There's too many answers, not enough questions. They're going in to the writing of the meta piece to prove pre-conceived ideas. They're not interested in interrogating the source text, they just use it to prove their point. It doesn't work like that!

I wish people didn't always feel such a need to be right and to have all the answers. It's okay to admit you don't know something. If you aren't willing to admit ignorance you can't learn!

I guess what really bugs me too is that if they're going to go that extra step and use academic jargon they could at least make an effort to be a bit more rigorous in their exploration of the source.