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ice queen

melbourne life....

woo! loving the melbourne life i am.

saw my new house, which looks good. once i sort out what i'm gonna do about a bed i can remove myself from jell's hair (david doesn't have enough for me to get out of...) really nice to hang out with jell & d, but i hate being in the way.

weather is meant to be approaching stinky proportions this weekend, so need to buy a fan as well.

my knee is a little better today, i think a bit of rest will do it the world of good.

on the job front, still hunting. but do have a phone interview lined up with the flight centre next friday - fingers crossed please. need work to pay for gigs, spanish classes and future cuba travel....

hee, just had a phone call from phil from oxfam inviting me to the work dinner next friday - back in launceston. nope, not flying back for a free meal!


not in the way, i just hope were not boring you ;p
dude, you're a sweetheart. and in no way boring!!!! really great to be hanging with you again :-) would it be cool to stay through the weekend? and come to plan b on saturday?
sure thats fine :]
stay as long as you need too


ello cello

yes it is me. do not ask how I found ya.

Still heading somewhere soon. If only I could stop to get a deep breath in before yet another wave crashes over my head.

hope you be well. I realise this is in plain view ........