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I hate humidity. Really, really hate it. I hate feeling like my lungs have been swapped out for sponges. Hate feeling like I'm constantly short of breath. This past week we've had Brisbane-style humidity and lots of rain. It hasn't been pleasant. But now that it's over, I realise it did do me one favour - it gave my sinuses a rest. As soon as the wet dried up, BOOM. Sudafed, help me please!

Have spent the past week being asked by people if my family are all right, as one by one they remember that my entire family live in Queensland. Thankfully, yes, they're fine. My grandmother's nursing home was evacuated Tuesday, which was a good thing. Although it was on high enough ground that it wouldn't have been flooded (it's a few blocks from the Brisbane River), New Farm (where my grandmother's nursing home is, and where my dad & uncle live) has had no power since Tuesday. The flood waters made it as far as the opposite side of my dad's street, and their house was in no danger. My dad rang me the other night (a sign of the apocalypse itself, him ringing me when it wasn't a birthday situation) to chat, as he has not had access to the internet since the power went and is BORED. He was sitting by his lone candle trying to read and listening to his battery-powered radio. He said they'd run out of fresh food and were down to their 'millenium stash' - the canned beans in the pantry. Fortunately, my uncle is able to get out and get to the shops (although panic buying has the shops pretty stripped of fresh stuff), because dad is not allowed to get his foot wet (medical problems) and so can't go out and shop himself. Dad is now planning to be prepared for next time by making lists of things like 'battery-operated hurricane lamp', and 'battery-powered fan' as things to get in the future, before it happens again :D

My brother Iian's work has been flooded, but everyone's homes are fine. Same, basically, as our experience of the 74 floods. Lucky to be living in the right areas. And so much luckier than the poor 500 Brazilians who died in the floods three days ago, and who aren't getting a look in what with all the Queensland disaster porn all over the news. >:|

Anyway. Today, off to see the National Theatre Live! screening of their production of Hamlet, screening at Cinema Nova. Stars Rory Kinnear, whose dad was Veruca Salt's daddy in the old Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


I'm glad everyone is fine. The pictures on the news just keep showing the spectacle of it all.