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I am having the strangest craving for banana tea cake. I have no bananas, nor any interest in making a cake. The fresh blueberries and blackberries just aren't cutting it. I guess I shall just have to remain unfulfilled. Story of my life.

Stinking hot today (40C/104F), so I have only ventured outside to smoke. Just finished watching Martin Freeman in Nativity!, which was very entertaining. Mr F has the most adorable grumpy face. And he was really working the cardy in that one.

Supposed to be stinking hot again tomorrow, and really no better until next weekend. I foresee a lot of lying on the couch, sighing melodramatically. SUMMER, YOU SUPPURATING PUSTULE, I HATE YOUR GORY, GOOEY GUTS.


Heh. You need a pool. Zoe's been in and out of her paddling pool all day. When G and I were still basically students we bought a tiny one, put it on the floor in the lounge, put water in it and sat in it drinking beer/wine and watching tv. =)
Ahaha, I read that 'l' on the end of 'pool' as an exclamation mark!!!

I've considered one, now that we're moving out of the drought, but the only place to put it is right under the exhaust of the neighbours' air conditioner, which is pretty much the worst place ever!!! I used to have a lovely, blow-up batman pool in my front yard, back in Tasmania. *sigh* I miss it!