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Urgh. Damn you, White Lotus...

You and your tasty vegetarian delights.

My poor tum is full to 'splodey with Tamarind "Fish", curry clay pot & the tofu/veg satay combo. I keep burping seaweed.
A good night.

Drinks before & after with Jelly & the D, and in between a yumsome birthday (for them, not me) feast.

Oh, and White Lotus has the BIGGEST FUCKING FISH I'VE EVER SEEN IN A TANK. I thought it was fake until the eyes moved. I wonder if he's meant to be that big, or if he gets all the leftovers.

And I find it cute that the restaurant staff know D&A by name AND food order! I'm telling ya, guys - you make it too easy for stalkers. If I had become a Master Assassin I'd've taken you out AGES ago, without breaking a sweat.


next time i'll order something different , just to trick 'em ;p
be careful they don't try to rip your face off, thinking you're an imposter!
oh and that fish is huge , i think there used to be two in there, i reckon he ate him, thats why he's so big !

i feel a bit sad for him though, I think he needs a larger tank now
*snort* ... naughty fishie!

i wanted to give him a cuddle. he was so cute. i love fish. i needs me a fishie icon.
i have now!

i was talking to someone about them recently ... who was it? Gah. goddamn religious types interfering in everyone else's lives. always so friggin' pushy. live however you want, just don't fuck over everyone else because you don't like how they live. i mean, i get why they do it ... they seriously think they have the answers. BUT THEY DON'T AND I DON'T WANT THEM RUNNING MY LIFE.