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I really, really, really, really, really, really, really

don't want to get my licence.


When I moved to Melbourne in January, I really did think to myself: "Now I'll never have to get my licence." Because public transport is sooo much better here than it is in Launceston. 

You know what they say about the best laid plans .... (actually, I can't remember what they say. Whenever I try to think of that quote it morphs into the ending of the "Mad dogs and Englishmen ..." quote. Hmmm.)


When I was offered my current job at the end of May, I was offered it on the condition that I "make moves towards getting my licence". Hence my 1.10pm appointment with Vic Roads today. 

I feel sick. And this is just the theory test to get my Learner's Permit.

God help me when I go for my first lesson.

I wonder if I can make work pay for my lessons. Or get it all back in my tax return next year. Actually, I wonder if I shouldn't just charge a flight to Paris and live on the streets there, and never learn to drive.


I have my license. I just avoid driving. It's been at least eight years since I last drove.

Thanks for dinner last night, too.
I'm thinking of taking your driving test advice. Or just writing off a car so they won't trust me with a work car.
Wow- you really wouldn't want to live here, cause in NC you pretty much have to drive. Guess you could go live in either NYC or DC and take the subway everywhere.
NYC & subway sounds good to me! DC would be too Fitzgeraldy.
See I am here where I have a driver and I want to drive. Trust no one here at all with my life....... it is a fecking lottery as to if you will make it home alive. even worse being a pedestrian.

You. Driving. See Now I Must.
Funny thing is you can drive quite well. Well you did back in the late 80's. You can DO IT. Hey Howard can and Bush can so you can! :-)
this cat must be really really old if it remembers you from the 80's.......
'Tis an ancient cat... the Cat From Beyond Time.
Don't mock me - or I'll run you down next time you're in the damn country!
Well - That would require that I am 'IN' the damn country!

And even then , I would have to be in Melbourne........

*sigh* I would actually like to be there today.........